Use of laminar flow:

Provide clean air and an aseptic working area to make chemotherapy medication.

The most important use of a laminar flow hood is that, there is purified air over the entire work surface and nearly all of the bacteria from the air are removed


Why control room air?

The environmental control of air is of concern because room air may be highly contaminated. Example: Sneezing produces 100,000 – 200,000 aerosol droplets which can then attach to dust particles. These contaminated particles may be

present in the air for weeks.


Use of infusion pump:

Chemotherapy is administered over controlled and pre-planned span of time for maximum efficacy and benefit to patient


Special room:

It is equipped with multi – parameter monitoring and dedicated nursing staff for:

• Patients requiring intensive monitoring

• Isolation required for leukemia patients


Lounge chairs:

Patient comfort is enhanced with fully reclining lounge chairs for an easy, convenient and patient friendly atmosphere.


In house entertainment for patients:

Each patient will be provided with a personal tablet for easy and free access to entertainment while chemotherapy is administered.

Trying everything possible to make patient experience as comfortable as possible!


Lounge area for relatives:

A dedicated area is provided for relatives of patients taking chemotherapy.