• Diagnostic
    • Bone marrow aspiration. 
    • Bone marrow biopsy. .. Read More
  • Therapeutic
    • Intravenous chemotherapy.
    •  Intra – thecal chemotherapy. ..Read more


  • Laminar air flow
  • Infusion pumps
  • Special room
  • Lounge chairs
  • In-house entertainment
  • Lounge area for relatives -- Read More

Meet your Doctor

Dr Vashisth Pankaj Maniar.
M.D(medicine), D.M(Medical Oncology) ..Read More

Why Maniar Onco care centre?

  • Comfortable drug administration lounge chairs to enhance patient comfort
  • use of dedicated drug-mixing stations with Laminar flow hood to provide an aseptic work area
  • Well equipped with latest machinery and gadgets not only to enhance patient care but also to manage rare but serious side effects.
  • perosnalised patient attention and customised theories for each patient ..Read more



Why outpatient or daycare?

In the past chemotherapy was typically administered in a hospital, even for relatively simple and straightforward treatment programs devoid of major immediate risks and side effects. Today, however treatment has shifted to outpatient setting in most western countries. Now, hospital admission for chemotherapy administration is limited to  specific circumstances only. 

Advantages of outpatient chemotherapy

  • Familiar and safe facility.
  • Less expensive
  • Oncologist has direct and immediate control
  • Hassle free and minimum administration
  • Respect patients wish to avoid hospitalization